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Happy Halloween!

Halloween is in full swing at the West Chester Griswolds in 2022. 


Come see our Halloween lights.  This year we've added the CCR Tree with a handful of "scary" songs.   Be sure to tune your radio to 87.9FM to hear the music.



304 Dutton Mill Rd, West Chester, PA 19380




Thank you for visiting our Christmas 2021 Show!    The lights are now off for the season.   We look forward to seeing everyone in November 2022.


For the next couple of weekends (Friday - Sunday) we will not be allowing people on the driveway or walkway.    Please enjoy the lights from your vehicle.    We will still be collecting Letters to Santa (through December 23)



Everything is ready to go we hope you enjoy the lights.    This year we have over 133,000 lights and 800 smart pixels.


This year we have added a Cosmic Color Ribbon Tree (CCR) to our display.    It is exciting piece of technology with the ability to create any color of the rainbow, it will be playing throughout the night and "singing" with the bulbs, which are making their return this year.  They will be performing a song every 15 minutes starting at 5PM every night.  Tune your Radio to 87.9 FM


Santa looks forward to getting letters from everyone.  We forwarded over 550 letters to him at the North Pole in 2020.  The mailbox is at the end of the driveway.   Bring your own letter or use the blank ones in the small container to the left of the mailbox.  We will be collecting letters through December 23.





Inclement Weather Statement: 

We make every effort to have the lights on every night, but on days with rain or snow we may have to disable the shows that night for safety or technical reasons (much to our frustration too).  Please stay tuned to the website for updates regarding weather related issues.



As weekends tend to be the busiest you may enjoy the lights more if you stop by on a weeknight.


While enjoying the lights please make sure that you are not blocking traffic on the road!



If you do get out of your car to walk around, Monday through Thursday, for everyones safety, please stay on the paved surfaces (driveway and sidewalk).   Also, while we love animals, please DO NOT bring your pets on the property. 


PLEASE remember to respect our neighbors properties and please do not park on their lawn or block or turn around in their driveways!


6ABC stopped by last year.   View the story here!




Stop by the Photo Gallery and enjoy some pictures of this year and memories of past years lights and from our Halloween display.  








Welcome to www.westchestergriswolds.com!  We appreciate you visiting our site.   2021 will be our 6th year in West Chester and are thrilled to be sharing our love of Christmas with you.


If you visit during the holiday season, tune your car radio to 87.9 for Christmas songs and information about the display.


Lights will be on starting on Thanksgiving and will run through at January 2.   Lights go on at 4:45 each day and go off at the following times....  9:45 Monday through Thursday and 10:15 Friday through Sunday.



2021 Info


The 2021 display has over 133,000 lights and 800 smart pixels.  Of which 99% are LED.  The display is completely computer controlled.


This year the singing light bulbs will sing every 15 minutes starting at 5.   


Things are always changing throughout the night on the display so pay attention!


Keep an eye on the windows, you might see Santa or Mrs. Claus.  


Use the mailbox near the end of the driveway to drop off your letter to Santa.


If you're looking for other lights in the area, try our friends in Delco!   www.christmasinmedia.com



We've registered the display on www.tackylighttour.com and www.christmaslightfinder.com Find other large local displays on these sites too!


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