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2022 FAQs


As usual, we started on the display in mid September this year, and I have worked 3 day weekends since Halloween to get the lights up and running.


 The lights took approximately 14 full days to put up in addition to the hours spent testing and staging for the install.


Total number of lights: just over 135,000.  


The show is completely computer controlled across over 500 channels. The setup is completely controlled by Light-O-Rama controllers.  This is how the stars move and the tree dances!


Over 99% of the lights are LED, only a couple of the lightup decorations use incandescent.


 The display included one 15' megatree.   It features over 8000 lights.


-We have (2) 12.5' megatrees.   Each with over 5000 lights.


The 20 leaping arches have 16000 lights on them.   Watch them throughout the night, they do different things!


There is approximately 2.5 miles of extension cords running the display.  (The tree alone has over 1000' of extension cord).


The lights are on 12 circuits with plenty of capacity to grow.



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