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  • Heather Lipson (Wednesday, December 08 21 07:31 pm EST)

    WOW! What an amazing and breathtaking experience. I’m so glad my husband turned around and parked the car so I could get out of the car and really take it all in. Even then, I probably didn’t see everything.

  • Suzanne (Saturday, November 27 21 06:08 pm EST)

    Amazing!! This is such a joy to have in Chester County! So impressed, thank you!

  • Linda Rhodes (Thursday, December 24 20 12:18 am EST)

    Thank you so much for making Christmas magical. I surprised my 4 year old grandson tonight by coming to your display. Brought tears in my eyes when Santa waived back at him. "He's real, he's real, Santa saw me." Your display is simply awesome! We just loved sitting in the car identifying all of the figures. What a gift you gave us!

  • Paul and Katie (Thursday, December 10 20 09:16 pm EST)

    Thanks so much for doing this — your lights are beautiful and technically incredibly impressive! My wife surprised me tonight and brought me to see your display, and I loved it. The animated singalongs are amazing. Your hard work is much appreciated and really made for a special treat!

  • Lucas Perea (Saturday, December 05 20 11:28 am EST)

    Just saw the 6ABC piece. Have lived in WC fir 20 years looking forward to seeing your display this year for the first time. Thank you for spreading Christmas cheer during this unusual year.

  • Rox n Ernie (Wednesday, December 02 20 09:20 am EST)

    Love your display! Thanks for spreading holiday cheer!

  • Thom & Laurie (Friday, November 27 20 03:54 pm EST)

    Amazing Lights Dude! Thank you for Blessing the Community with your talents!

  • Laurie (Friday, November 27 20 03:24 pm EST)

    Absolutely the best Christmas Display out there. Beautifully done.

  • Alexis Lelii (Tuesday, November 17 20 09:26 am EST)

    Hi from your neighbors down the street! We are excited to see your display all lit up. Merry Christmas! - The Leliis

  • Sandra Berry (Saturday, December 28 19 10:05 pm EST)

    Thanks for sharing the spirit of the season. Enjoyed your light show.

  • Patricia Morgan (Saturday, December 28 19 09:16 pm EST)

    What a beautiful display of Christmas! My friends and I really enjoyed all the lights and characters you have! Thank you for the beauty and putting a smile on our faces. Happy New Year!

  • Bill Mulhearn (Saturday, December 21 19 07:42 pm EST)

    Thanks for your display! Our neighbor told us about it and we thought it would be very good, but our jaws dropped when we saw it.
    You have made a great contribution to our community!

  • Giap Edwards (Friday, December 20 19 11:32 am EST)

    Awesome!!! We took our grandkids last night. Thank you.

  • Jodi and Alex (Tuesday, December 17 19 06:35 pm EST)

    Such a beautiful display. Merry Christmas!

  • Bryan (Monday, December 16 19 06:54 pm EST)

    You guys are the best! drive by everyday!

  • Ann (Saturday, December 07 19 03:47 pm EST)

    Thank you for this - my father in law lives a little further up toward Route 3 on Dutton Mill and we enjoy seeing your holiday lights when we go to visit him!!

  • Mary (Sunday, December 01 19 06:41 pm EST)

    Thank you so much for all of the efforts (& expense) to give the community something special around the holidays. We can’t wait to see them! I am sure it will be spectacular!

  • Suzanne Rettew (Tuesday, January 01 19 02:36 pm EST)

    Thank you for your wonderful display again this year. I'm a neighbor, so I drive by often throughout the season. Always a pleasure to see your lights and images.

  • Kathleen (Sunday, December 23 18 07:48 pm EST)

    Merry Christmas ? and Thank you!
    The Weisbruch Family
    Hamden, Connecticut

  • Lucille (Thursday, December 20 18 07:26 pm EST)

    Hello Plummer Family, Merry Christmas and thank you so much for your spirit and your beautiful display. We visited tonight, by chance, and we were amazed at your amazing display. Thank you for being so welcoming. It was raining and my twin granddaughters wanted to say Merry Christmas and give you a donation. You were so gracious. Your son was very polite and the girls got a kick out of him being a twin too! God Bless and Merry Christmas ?

  • Ashley (Monday, December 10 18 08:43 pm EST)

    My kids absolutely loved your display (as did I!)!! So much to see. Very classic and beautiful. I thought the blow molds were really great. The highlights were Santa’s letter box and of course seeing Santa in his workshop through the window. Thank you so much. Wonderful!!!

  • Eileen (Saturday, December 08 18 07:03 pm EST)

    Thank you so much for all your efforts to put up such a beautiful display! Our family loved it! It brightened our Christmas season and will become a tradition. Merry Christmas!

  • Janice Turner (Thursday, December 06 18 10:10 pm EST)

    Your display is completely amazing - thank you for brightening up the Christmas season. God bless

  • Miriam (Tuesday, December 04 18 11:07 pm EST)

    You’re light display makes my season! I drive out of my way whenever feasible to just pull over and enjoy! I feel like a kid again...I love Christmas and you make it magical again! Thank you!

  • Joe Turner (Saturday, November 24 18 09:16 am EST)

    It was a real THRILL to drive past the display on Thanksgiving Evening. We Live right up West Chester Pike and Hope to Visit Again. Thank You "Griswalds" for your efforts and Your Entertainment. God Bless. Joe & Diana 11-22-18

  • EVAN PLUMMER THE SON OF THE GUY WHO DOES THE LIGHTS! (Friday, November 02 18 01:02 pm EDT)

    i hope that everyone enjoys the lights this year me and my dad are already working hard!

  • Andrea (Sunday, December 17 17 04:04 pm EST)

    My husband, children ( ages 6 and 4) loved seeing your home last night. Pics do not do it justice. So fun! I’m suee we will drive by again! Great job , guys!

  • Amy Herkness (Wednesday, December 13 17 11:04 pm EST)

    Loved your display for years on Providence Rd. But you’ve out done yourself! It is lovely,fun,well just outstanding! Thank you for your hard work that brings such joy!

  • Julia (Saturday, November 25 17 08:26 am EST)

    I went on Thanksgiving after dinner with my niece. We had such a great time seeing the lights the day they were lit for the 2017 season as we went last year during Christmas. And I know I'll be back to see the display a few more times this year!
    Thank you for putting up an incredible display!

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